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5 Dragons Slot: Hot Tips and Winning Strategies

5 Dragons Slot: Hot Tips and Winning Strategies Getting an edge over the 5 Dragons slot in order to increase your chances for winning is possible. There isn’t a single formula, but a set of tips, hints, and principles that if followed can get you that edge. “The 5 dragon slot is no different than most other online slots online win real money that run on RNG software.” To that end, some of the tips below can be applied to slot games other than the 5 Dragons slot machine.

Our Winning 5 Dragons Slot Formula

  • • First of all, find 5 Dragons slot machine free download so you can play it for free. That way you can get familiar with all of its features which in fact will give you an edge when you put your money in the mix
  • • Learn which games are “Hot” and which “Cold”. Sometimes the casinos publish that information on their website, other times you need to contact their support team and ask them.
  • • The RTP% (return to player percentage) is not fixed, even though many people think it is. This percentage fluctuates and it is what can make all the difference in the world. Again, your best bet is to ask the support team for the information.
  • • Make the most of all casino bonuses. To that end choose one with great welcome bonuses that also has many seasonal and other bonuses.
  • • You will need from 100 to 1300 rounds to get free spins. If you want to try out all the free spins you will need 3x more rounds than that.
  • • Be on the watch for Reel Best as it can bring you wins 70x your bet
  • • Don’t be despaired if the game starts slow and only eats up your budget. Be consistent, and keep on playing. Sometimes it takes time to hit a few wins.
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